Spinning and Hexipuffin'

I've done some spinning on my drop spindle and some "puffin'" on my knitting needles and I'm ready to show you some of my progress!

I am spinning my "Under the Sea" roving, which is a targhee fiber with wonderful colors that resemble the ocean.  If you have been reading my blog as of February 1st then you should remember this post about the fiber and the small amount of yarn I made with it.  Now I am using the remainder of the fiber to spin up a (hopefully) 2 ply fingering weight yarn!

Also, I knit ONE hexipuff!  I took my time on this little puff, it took me exactly one week to complete. :P Usually I can knit one in 45 minutes or a little less.

This one is very puffy and smooshy and soft!  I like the blue and yellow colors that give it a "spring" feeling. :)

ALSO, the Rose City Yarn Crawl is coming very soon!!!  I cannot wait to buy tons of yarn and fiber!


  1. Those hexipuffs are so cute! Love the idea of spinning your own yarn too...

    1. I have been on-line checking out some of the yarn shops for the yarn crawl. Have you ever been to Pearl Fiber Arts? I really like their yarn crawl cowl pattern..

    2. Hi,
      I have been to Pearl Fiber Arts but I have never purchased anything from them. It's a small shop but very nice with a good variety of yarn. :)


  2. Awesome!! I have yet to start on mine...:)


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